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A "DAYDREAM" currently for sale

Looking for "Mirrabooka"
Can you assist please?
A friend is trying to locate a yacht called "Mirrabooka" that was built by her father, Paddy Kerrigan in 1956/57. Her father will be turning 89 in May 2019, and would love to see the yacht he built.  
Any information would be appreciated -

. location,

. current owner,

. anything at all!
If you can assist please email me on and he will pass it along
* Name: Mirrabooka
* "Daydream" design by Kenneth Watts
*  Built in 1956/57
* Lead ballast with a hard chine construction
* Approximate measurements:
     - OAL 30 feet
     - Beam 8 feet
     - Draft 6 feet
     - Mast  45 feet

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