"Transport for NSW is developing the Maritime Safety Plan 2026, as part of the NSW Government’s commitment to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our waterways."  


"The new five-year plan builds upon the success of the Maritime Safety Plan. The new five-year plan builds upon the success of the Maritime Safety Plan 2021 and incorporates the internationally recognised Safe System approach which focuses on safe people, safe vessels and safe waterways."


Submissions to Transport for NSW Centre for Maritime Safety closed 24 September 2021


The BOA submission can be read by clicking here

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Northern Beaches parking

At our recent meeting with local boatowners in the Northern Beaches Council area, the issue of parking restrictions was raised. On behalf of our members, this is being followed up with the local council.

Dogs on the beach

It has been brought to our attention that NPWS rangers have been accosting boaters who set their dog ashore in Broken Bay. A jurisdictional issue arises here where NPWS has no control or management of the intertidal lands adjoining National Parks land (their boundary being MHWM). We are in possession of written confirmation from DoI – Lands (Crown Lands), who have control and management of the sea bed below MHWM, stating that Crown Lands has no policy with respect to the casual movement of dogs across its intertidal.”

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Boating in Cabbage Tree Bay is under threat

Your committee is looking into this to ensure safe and enjoyable boating can be maintained  by all while protecting the environment in this only safe shelter between Sydney Harbour and Pittwater

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Transport NSW agreed to look into the issue of fish-floats but we need details on incidents. Contact us on 

admin@boatowners.org.au  with full details on date and location when the incident happened

6 Miles off the NSW coast in 40 fathoms


The BOA wrote to the minister responsible for "Local Council" in August 2020 and awaits a reply, click here.

11 month later, the minister arranged for a consultant to organise a workshop to be held 28 June 2021 This was attended by 64 persons, 6 of whom were representing boating interests.

No acknowledgement had ben received to last year's letter. Instead, the attendees were given one week to respond to a list of increased fines and restrictions. No solutions on how the issue could be solved were discussed nor provided.

This is being addressed by the BOA, BIA and RFA, see our letter, click here

Following the above letter, we wrote to 10 Mayors of council areas from which we have been made aware of trailer parking issues. To read our letter, click here 

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Boating Infrastructure on Lake Macquarie is under threat

Your committee is communicating with the council in an endeavor to ensure safe and enjoyable boating can be maintained on the lake while enhancing the  lifestyle for this part of the lake.

Read about the proposal here and our most current letter dated 26 July 2021 to the council here.


Manning River

The Google map photo shows the Manning River as being open, the reality is quite different.  The river entrance can not be used by vessels and is in need of breakwaters.  While government money is available the bar is still not dredged, nor does it look like dredging is imminent, affecting local business and recreational boating activities. The BOA is communicating with those responsible . If you are in favor of a safe boating environment, please sign the attached petition and forward it to Alan Steber: alan@steber.com.au

End of Life Vessels

Transport NSW is looking into the issue of End of Life Vessels. The BOA is  working with the Government to resolve the issue.

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Sydney Harbour

Spring Cove

Where can we anchor, 50m from Mean High Water, or 50m from shore.  RMS is not clear on this.

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Yarra Bay Passenger Terminal

"The NSW Government has made the decision to place the Cruise Capacity Detailed Business Case on hold for a period of up to 18 months."  Click here to read the press release.

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Damage by yachts that broke their mooring

We have been made aware of insurance not paying for damage caused by vessels they insured after braking loose from their mooring,. If you have experienced this, you can contact us via the contact page of this website with the details enabling us to look into this for you.

Meantime, we had a fruitful meeting with one insurance company. The notes on this meeting can be read by clicking here


Transport for NSW is reviewing the Marine Pollution Act 2012.

Boat Owners you are stake holders and this affects you.

A discussion paper has been released to facilitate stakeholder input to the statutory review and is available  here 


Gladesdville Bridge Marina

Gladesville Bridge Marina: a marina on Sydney Harbour looking into the possibility of  enhancing its ability to serve boating in Sydney by increasing the number of berth from 50 to 114 while reducing their swing moorings from 44 to 15. This would enhance their capacity by 35 vessels. The G.B.M statement as per January 2020 can be seen by clicking here.



All boaters are reminder that under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act), it’s an offence to pollute any waters, unless permitted under a licence issued by the Environment Protection Authority. Maritime officers can issue on-the-spot infringement notices of $7,500 to an individual or $15,000 to a corporation where cases of pollution from vessels are detected.
To read more click here

Jervis Bay anchorages

Jervis Bay is a big open  stretch of water with few safe anchorages. Some government moorings were taken out in September 2018. The BOA is working towards a solution of the safety issue this raises .

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Batemans Bay Bridge

The current Batemans Bay bridge is being replaced by a non-lifting bridge, restricting vessels with tall masts from entering the safe anchorages upstream in the Clyde River. Some additional moorings are provided down river from the new bridge and a T berth , shown in the photo, for short-term mooring by RMS. To read the current  Transport NSW update, click here

Sea grass moorings

The BOA has made an extensive submission to the Marine Estate Management Authority on the specific issue of casual anchoring over sea grass beds. To view the submission please click here.

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Moorings review

Roads and Maritime Services did commenced a review of mooring management practices in the NSW waterways in 2018  This review build on earlier work undertaken in 2015. The BOA made a comprehensive submission to RMS on this matter . The review committee has been dissolved  early 2020 and we are now awaiting where NSW Transport is going to take us