NSW South Coast - Boating Safety Day/Gone Fishing Day.

Expired Marine Flare Collection Dates,  The Inflatable Life Jacket Servicing Clinics which have replaced the "Old 4 New Life Jacket Program" did close in Port Kembla this season 13 January 

Off shore master classes

This one day masterclass is drawing on the unique offshore skills that Lisa had developed while she sailed solo around Antarctica and around Australia.  Lisa will be sharing her first-hand account of her demasting, building a jury rig, and transferring fuel from a container ship as well as storm survival techniques such as use of drogues and heaving too.

Lisa has faced down 15-meter waves and 80 knots of wind alone in the Southern Ocean and because of her risk assessment and disaster management, she lived to tell the tale.  This is a first-person account offering a wealth of knowledge that can be applied as a guideline to personal cruising and keep your vessel and your crew safe on an ocean voyage. Lisa is delivering these courses Australia wide to a yacht club near you working in partnership with Sistership and Pacific Sailing School. Find out more here.

Marine notices

Roads and Maritime Services issues information on forthcoming events, affecting the boating fraternity.

Check the Marine Notices before you go boating to see if there are any special events in the area. Click here to see if your area is affected.

World Ocean Day -  8 June.

The Government of Canada proposed setting a World Ocean Day during the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The UN officially recognized 8 June as World Oceans Day in December 2008. 

The BOA supports  the concept of clean oceans on an ongoing bases.