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Float-free EPIRBs
New requirements commencing 1 January 2021

The purpose

This safety alert aims to raise awareness of the need for owners, operators, masters and crew of certain domestic commercial vessels (DCVs) to install a float-free emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) before 1 January 2021.

You will need to install a float-free EPIRB if your vessel is operating more than two nautical miles from land and:

  • is more than 12 m in length, or

  • is between 7.5 m and 12 m in length with no level-flotation fitted, and operating in B or C waters

  • For full details click here


“Snug Cove is a great asset for the future of Eden that the community and boaters cannot afford to lose” 

The members of POEM (Port of Eden Marina) are calling on the NSW Department of Transport to immediately call for tenders for the long stalled Snug Cove Safe Harbour project wave attenuator. POEM is a not for profit association set up to promote the interest of the local region.  Click here to read more and  as a boat owner support us

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Carbon Monoxide

The silent killer

Club Marine shared the attached.

Please read this

Mooring Audit & Maintenance

NSW Transport - RMS continues the mooring audits throughout NSW. For more information click here 

 If you are not happy by the process, please notify us via our “CONTACT” page on this site.



Thankfully we don't have to worry about it on the NSW coast. For those of us who travel internationally it is an issue you need to be aware of. You can find where pirates are active by clicking on the attached map, or here. The map indicating where pirates are active.

Coastal bar crossing

Crossing coastal bars is a common but dangerous part of boating. Each year boats are damaged and people killed or injured when bar crossings go wrong. 

bar crossing flipped.jpg
17-21 Maritime safety plan.jpg

2017 - 2021 Maritime Safety Plan

. Click here to open it.


Boating safety

Advice and safety tips to help our boating community aged 65 or over make safer choices. click here for details

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