Members' discount

The following service providers give BOA Members  up to 10% discount, not exceeding $100.

                                                                 Location                Contact                           Phone                           Email



                                                                     N.S.W.                   Adan Smith                   1800 453 886


Australian Maritime Consultancy          N.S.W.                   Glenn Mathias               0419 403 267

                                                                    N.S.W.                   Dave Giddings                0412 366 998


                                                                    N.S.W.                  Harold Balser                 02 - 9790 5232



                          Statis Marine Electrics    N.S.W.                   Bryce Statis                   0438 644 418




                                                                    N.S.W.                  Robbie Treharne             0419 273 204





                                                                    Pittwater            Sandy Wallace                 0404 950 112




                       Solicoitors: Vaarzon-Morel  N.S.W            Marcel Vaarzon-Morel      02 - 4929 1174

Rope galore.jpg

The RMYC Port Hacking has commissioned an on-line survey to gauge support for additional public recreational courtesy moorings in Port Hacking. The survey is currently being distributed to the boating community and they would be pleased to meet in a few weeks to discuss the survey results.

You can support them as a boat owner by  completing the survey. click here.

AFLOAT broadcasts a fortnightly newsletter. The current issue:  Friday 18 September can be read by clicking here

You can read the September issue of AFLOAT by clicking  here or / and collect it at your favourite distribution point.

Manly Boat Shed

The Manly Boat Shed  put in a D.A. for improvement of the current facilities to a better and more user friendly set up, assisting boat owners and locals. If you like the idea and would like to support them click here and have your say. Closing date, 15 July.

Current                                                                  Future

The B.O.A. supports its corporate member the "North Harbour Sailing Club "

The N.H.S.C. is seeking approval  from Manly Council to build the “Eastern Balcony” . This will assist their members to better enjoy the benefits of their time on the water. Click here to read the BOA letter.

Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW maintains operations to save lives on the water during the current COVD-19 emergency.

To read their media release please click here

Marine Rescue Soundings magazine​

To read the autumn 2020 issue 43 click here

Flares & Life Jackets

Concerns over the spread of COVID-19 has necessitated the suspension of the Expired Marine Flares Collection Program, Inflatable Life Jacket Service Clinics and the Come Play in the Bay event to ensure the health and safety of our staff and the community.


For more up to date information please refer to the Maritime website


The Snug Cove development of the Port of Eden is a major and complex project with multiple stakeholders that has been underway for about 6 years.


It is coordinated through a representative Community Liaison Group that meets every month and by direct contact with the relevant ministers.

Batemans Bay

Dredging has commenced to clear the bar at the entrance  to the Clyde River.

Do It Yourself  - Slipways

To do your own work on a slipway, contact the following:

We will add participating slips as more information becomes available.


Botany Bay

Sydney Harbour



Shell Cove Marina - Shellharbour

The Shell Cove Marina is being constructed on the NSW south coast.,  a unique boating development. The marina is to be flooded in 2020 and the first berths are scheduled for completion later that year. 

The photos on the right and left were taken late November 2019 - not long to go before the initial flooding.

To follow developments you can follow there construction blog by clicking here.

May 2005, water in the marina

How it is going to look like


What does your committee do for the BOA Membership

BOA committee members represent  the BOA members and boat owners in general, on a number of Government Advisory Groups:

Along the NSW coast there are a number of  "Regional Boating Advisory Groups" (RBAG) as well as "User Groups". Local BOA members represent the local boating community at these meetings.  To learn more about their work and where the the meetings are being held, please click here;

In addition there is the Recreational Vessel Advisory Group (RVAG.) who discuss NSW issues. To  read the most recent available minutes (12 May 2020), please click here

The November meeting was cancelled due to the bush fire preventing many members from coming to Rozelle for the meeting.

In addition there are other working groups where the BOA has been asked to represent the NSW Boat Owners.